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Spells listing

Below is a list of all the available spells in alphabetical order. Next to each spell in () are two stats. The first stat is the main one that affects the success of the spell, and the second affects the spell but not as much as the first.

You can find out what guilds can learn what spells by typing showguild guildname on the testport. Or there is an up to date listing in the guilds section of the web site.

acid arrow                 (Int,Dex)        acid blast                 (Int,Dex)
acid breath                (Int,Lck)        alertness                  (Int,Lck)
animate dead               (Wis,Int)        animate object             (Wis,Lck)
antimagic shell            (Int,Lck)        armor                      (Int,Lck)
astral walk                (Int,Lck)        barkskin                   (Wis,Lck)
blazebane                  (Int,Lck)        bless                      (Wis,Lck)
blindness                  (Int,Lck)        blood of cyric             (Wis,Lck)
bulls strength             (Int,Lck)        burning hands              (Int,Dex)
call lightning             (Wis,Lck)        cause critical             (Wis,Dex)
cause light                (Wis,Dex)        cause serious              (Wis,Dex)
chain lightning            (Int,Lck)        change sex                 (Int,Dex)
charged beacon             (Int,Dex)        chariot of the sun         (Wis,Lck)
charm monster              (Int,Cha)        charm person               (Int,Cha)
chill touch                (Int,Dex)        clairvoyance               (Int,Lck)
color spray                (Int,Lck)        comprehend languages       (Int,Lck)
cone of cold               (Int,Dex)        conjure elemental          (Wis,Lck)
continual light            (Wis,Int)        control undead             (Wis,Lck)
control weather            (Wis,Int)        create food                (Wis,Lck)
create object              (Wis,Lck)        create spring              (Wis,Lck)
create water               (Wis,Lck)        cure blindness             (Wis,Lck)
cure critical              (Wis,Lck)        cure light                 (Wis,Lck)
cure poison                (Wis,Lck)        cure serious               (Wis,Dex)
curse                      (Int,Wis)        delayed blast              (Int,Lck)
detect buried              (Int,Lck)        detect evil                (Wis,Lck)
detect hidden              (Int,Wis)        detect invis               (Int,Wis)
detect magic               (Int,Wis)        detect poison              (Wis,Int)
disintegrate               (Int,Lck)        disjunction                (Int,Lck)
dispel evil                (Wis,Lck)        dispel magic               (Wis,Int)
divinity                   (Wis,Lck)        dragonskin                 (Wis,Con)
dream                      (Int,Lck)        earthquake                 (Wis,Lck)
eltsacs fear               (Int,Lck)        enchant armor              (Int,Lck)
enchant weapon             (Int,Lck)        energy drain               (Int,Lck)
entangle                   (Wis,Lck)        ethereal flyer             (Int,Lck)
faerie fire                (Wis,Lck)        faerie fog                 (Wis,Lck)
farheal                    (Wis,Lck)        fatigue                    (Int,Lck)
feeblemind                 (Int,Lck)        find familiar              (Int,Lck)
find traps                 (Wis,Lck)        fire breath                (Int,Dex)
fireball                   (Int,Lck)        fireshield                 (Int,Lck)
flame arrow                (Int,Lck)        flame jaws                 (Int,Lck)
flamestrike                (Wis,Lck)        fly                        (Int,Lck)
freedom of movement        (Wis,Dex)        friends                    (Int,Cha)
frost breath               (Dex,Lck)        fumble                     (Int,Lck)
gas breath                 (Dex,Lck)        gate                       (Int,Lck)
globe of invulnerability   (Int,Lck)        good fortune               (Wis,Lck)
hand of chaos              (Int,Dex)        harm                       (Wis,Dex)
heal                       (Wis,Lck)        heroism                    (Int,Lck)
hold monster               (Int,Lck)        hold person                (Int,Lck)
holy sanctity              (Wis,Lck)        holy symbol                (Wis,Lck)
ice storm                  (Int,Lck)        iceshield                  (Int,Lck)
identify                   (Int,Lck)        ill fortune                (Wis,Lck)
ilmaters bless             (Wis,Con)        infravision                (Int,Wis)
invis                      (Int,Lck)        invisibility purge         (Int,Lck)
knock                      (Int,Dex)        know alignment             (Wis,Lck)
levitate                   (Int,Lck)        lightning bolt             (Int,Lck)
lightning breath           (Dex,Lck)        llanthyrs mend             (Int,Dex)
locate object              (Int,Lck)        magic mirror               (Int,Lck)
magic missile              (Int,Lck)        magnetic thrus             (Int,Lck)
mass invis                 (Int,Lck)        mind blank                 (Wis,Con)
mind wrack                 (Int,Int)        mind wrench                (Int,Int)
mirror image               (Int,Lck)        mnemonic enhan             (Int,Lck)
monster summon             (Int,Lck)        moonbeam                   (Wis,Lck)
nondetection               (Wis,Lck)        null sphere                (Int,Lck)
pass door                  (Int,Lck)        pass plant                 (Wis,Lck)
phantasmal killer          (Int,Dex)        phoenix claw               (Int,Lck)
poison                     (Wis,Lck)        polymorph                  (Wis,Lck)
possess                    (Int,Lck)        produce flame              (Wis,Lck)
protection                 (Wis,Lck)        quantum spike              (Int,Lck)
rainbow pattern            (Int,Lck)        raise dead                 (Wis,Lck)
razorbait                  (Int,Lck)        recharge                   (Int,Lck)
refresh                    (Wis,Lck)        regenerate                 (Wis,Lck)
remove curse               (Wis,Lck)        remove trap                (Dex,Lck)
resilience                 (Int,Lck)        resist cold                (Wis,Con)
resist electricity         (Wis,Con)        resist fire                (Wis,Con)
restoration                (Wis,Int)        restore mana               (Int,Wis)
resurrection               (Wis,Lck)        revive                     (Wis,Lck)
sagacity                   (Wis,Lck)        sanctuary                  (Wis,Lck)
scorching surge            (Int,Lck)        sentry of helm             (Int,Con)
shadow conjuration         (Int,Dex)        shadow door                (Int,Lck)
shadow fist                (Int,Lck)        shadow funnel              (Int,Lck)
shadow walk                (Wis,Lck)        shield                     (Int,Lck)
shocking grasp             (Int,Dex)        shockshield                (Int,Lck)
silence                    (Wis,Lck)        sleep                      (Int,Lck)
slink                      (Int,Lck)        sound burst                (Int,Lck)
speak with dead            (Wis,Lck)        spectral fist              (Int,Dex)
spectral hand              (Int,Dex)        spectral light             (Int,Lck)
stone skin                 (Int,Lck)        stone walk                 (Wis,Lck)
sulfurous spray            (Int,Lck)        summon                     (Int,Lck)
sunray                     (Wis,Lck)        swordbait                  (Int,Lck)
tayzas acidshield          (Int,Lck)        teleport                   (Int,Lck)
touch of justice           (Wis,Lck)        transport                  (Int,Lck)
trollish vigor             (Int,Lck)        true sight                 (Wis,Int)
turn undead                (Wis,Lck)        valiance                   (Wis,Lck)
vampiric touch             (Int,Dex)        ventriloquism              (Int,Lck)
warhorse                   (Wis,Cha)        water breathing            (Wis,Lck)
water to wine              (Int,Lck)        weaken                     (Wis,Lck)
web                        (Int,Lck)        wind walk                  (Wis,Lck)
winter mist                (Int,Lck)        witch light                (Int,Lck)
word of recall             (Wis,Lck)        wraithform                 (Int,Lck)