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Months of the Game

The game has its own unique names for each of the months of the calendar year.

    MONTH NAME                 BIT VECTOR
    Deepwinter                  0 
    the Claw of Winter          1 
    the Sunsets                 2
    the Storms                  3
    the Melting                 4
    the Time of Flowers         5
    Summertide                  6
    Highsun                     7
    the Fading                  8
    Leafall                     9
    the Rotting                 10
    the Drawing Down            11

Our players come from all parts of the globe, so it would be rude to equate a particular month in the game with a particular month of the year because for one part of the world, July is the middle of summer, and the other part July is the middle of winter. So below is a list that shows which 3 months go with which season. Above is the bit vector that matches the particular month, for use in the if month check.

(Winter)         Deepwinter      the Claw of Winter    the Sunsets 
(Spring)         the Storms      the Melting           the Time of Flowers 
(Summer)         Summertide      Highsun               the Fading 
(Autumn/Fall)    Leafall         the Rotting           the Drawing Down