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Forgotten Kingdoms has a detailed and constantly expanding and evolving trades system. Area support is needed for the trades to work. Policy has made it that in order to learn a trade, a character must do a quest, rather than visit a trainer and use the train command like other skills and spells.

If you feel it is ICly fitting for your area to have a trades quest, ask for permission from the Area Administrators. The quest is coded just like any other quest. The difference is in how the trade skill is learned, using the mppractice command.

Refer the to Trades List for a listing of trades that FKMud offers. Some skills like brew, scribe, makewands, makestaves are treated the same way as trades for characters to learn them.

mppractice $n 5 mining
mppractice $n 5 mining
mppractice $n 5 mining
mplog TRADESKILLS: $n has been given 3 skill points in the mining skill.

The 5 in the above command is how high it will train up to. If the PC has a skill level over 5 then it will not teach them. The max skill level is 25. Only 1 point in the skill is given at a time, and in this instance, in order to give 3 points in the skill the command was repeated 3 times. The PC sees no echo for this. Make sure to put in a TRADESKILLS: log.