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Logging events

These conditions are logged using the mplog command. They are then grepped every month or so and posted to the deities board so they may roleplay accordingly. Any deity who is on line will see the log as it happens. Note that the key logging words need to be capitalised and followed with a colon.

MAKESYMBOL: Someone has made a holy symbol with an object.
TRADESKILLS: This shows when someone learns a trade and how many points they get in that trade.
SUPPLICATE: This one shows us when someone uses the supplicate command. This one is mainly used as part of the supplicate command but if the supplicate is simulated in a temple program to give a special item then it should be logged there.
DEITYFOLLOW: This one will happen from now on to show when someone has followed a god by wearing a holy symbol. This one is only relevant for holy symbols in pantheon.are
WITNESS: This one records when someone has killed a mob that may have IC repurcussions. Best not to be used on normal leveling mobs.
GIVEAWAY: THis one records when an object is given away from one person to another. This is for special objects that need to be kept track of like deity objects.
SACRIFICE: This is on objects that will have IC repurcussions for being sacrificed. For instance holy symbols and deity objects should all have this.
QUESTCOMPLETE: This one will be added to many of the quests to show when someone has completed a quest that we want to know about.
STEAL: Records when someone has stolen or attempted to steal. This on is mainly used in the steal command itself though there may be instances where it is used in an area.
EVENT: This covers anything that we want recorded in the logs that is not covered by any of the above.
PALADINS: This covers events associated with the paladin quests.
DWELLINGS: This covers any events associated with dwellings.
LEGAL: For all the events with the legal system.
DEATH: For all instances of death and bringing back from death.
TITHE: This logs where a PC donates funds to their church.
GLORY: Logs of glory being given.
BLESS: Logs of pc being bless or damned.
REWARD: Logs of rewards and punishments.
KNOWLEDGE: Logs of raisings in the knowledge skills.
BARDSONG: Logs of bardsong learnings
DECKOFFATE: Logs of deck of fate activities
FIGHTERSGUILD: Logs of fighter's guild activities

Sample code

mplog GIVEAWAY: $n has given $o to $t (using give_prog 100)
mplog WITNESS: $n has killed $I on $b in Area Name. (in death progs)
mplog TRADESKILLS: $n has been given 3 skill points in the mining skill.
mplog SACRIFICE: $n has sacrificed 1323 - $O on $b. (using sac_prog 100)