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Leave programs

Leave programs that are in rooms are activated when a PC leaves the room. Anything in the prog will happen as the PC leaves so the commands will activate in the room they are leaving from. Leave programs on a mobile activate when the mobile leaves the room not the PC.

>leave_prog 100~
connect up

This very simple program is in Howling Peak in the room with the burned out wagon. Quite simple as the PC leaves that room it closes the direction up that was created when the PC looked at the wagon. This makes sure that anyone coming after the PC to the area will have to find the path for themselves. Now this connection wont close until all of the PC's party leaves up.

>leave_prog 40~
if rand(30)
  mpechoat $n $O jingles as you move.
mpechoaround $n $n leaves with a jingle of bells.

This leave prog is on an object, a set of bells. A percentage of the time, when the PC leaves the room, they will do so jingling.