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Item flags

These extra flags describe more attributes of an object.

FLAG_GLOW Item description has (Glowing) and provides light when equipped. (Unequipped objects must weigh > 100 pounds to light the room.)
FLAG_HUM Item description has (Humming)
FLAG_DARK This flag has no affect
FLAG_LOYAL Weapon does not drop on floor if disarmed
FLAG_EVIL Item has an evil aura
FLAG_INVIS Item is invisible
FLAG_MAGIC Item object has affects or program.
FLAG_NODROP PC cannot drop object. Item is cursed
FLAG_RESIZE Armour will resize when worn
FLAG_ANTI_LAWFUL Item zaps good chars
FLAG_ANTI_CHAOTIC Item zaps evil chars
FLAG_ANTI_UNCONCERNED Item zaps neutral chars
FLAG_NOREMOVE Item cannot be removed. Item is cursed.
FLAG_INVENTORY Item cannot be put into containers and is more resistant to damage.
FLAG_ANTI_WIZARD Item cannot be used by wizards
FLAG_ANTI_ROGUE Item cannot be used by rogues
FLAG_ANTI_WARRIOR Item cannot be used by warriors
FLAG_ANTI_PRIEST Item cannot be used by priests
FLAG_NOSCRY Item cannot be scryed for with spells.
FLAG_SHOPKEEPER Used in hard code. Not for use by builders.
FLAG_METAL No longer in use.
FLAG_CONCEALED Only used on holy symbols with the conceal command
FLAG_POISONED 1/4 more damage
FLAG_COVERING For containers "look under"
FLAG_DEATHROT Item disappears from corpse when the PC or moble dies
FLAG_PROTOTYPE Used in OLC. Not to be used for offline building.
FLAG_BURIED Item is underground
FLAG_PERMANENT Item stays on the PC through death.
FLAG_TRANSPARENT Items worn under this layer can be seen. Used for cloaks etc.
FLAG_UNIQUE Prevents the PC from wearing more than one of a specific object.