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Mp commands

The following is a list of all the mpcommands that can be used in mobile/object/room programs.

mpadvance This command will advance a PC in levels. This should never ever be used.
mpaffect This will cast a spell without echos. There is no chance of failure but there is a chance for resisting the spell. This is ideal for when you want to have mobiles who have special attacks that are fire based etc, allow for resisting.
mpaffect poison $r
mpapply This command is never to be used. It makes the PC apply for authorisation. It is only used in the character creation process.
mpapply $n
mpapplyb This command is never to be used. It makes the PC apply for authorisation. It is only used in the character creation process.
mpapplyb $n
mpareaecho This will do an echo that will echo to the WHOLE area.
mpeareacho You can hear the screams of a banshee nearby.
mpasound This will echo a chosen phrase to the rooms immediately adjacent and not in the current room.
mpasound You hear the sound of a bell ringing nearby.
mpat This does a command in another location.
mpat 8030 yell Help! I am being attacked in Selunes Temple.
This will mean that despite the fact the mobile is in another area they can yell in 8030 which is Waterdeep.
This is ideal for small areas hanging off another area where people are more likely to be to call for help etc.
mpcast This command will cast a spell without a chance of failure. It can be resisted, but echos are still seen.
mpcast poison $r
mpclearability Reduces the current number of uses for an ability
mpclearability 'shapechange' $n
mpclearspell Removes one prepared spell
mpclearspell 'magic missile' $n
mpclosepassage This closes the exit in a certain room in a certain direction. It only works for EX_PASSAGE exits.
mpclosepassage roomvnum exitdirection
mpdamage This will damage a PC or a mobile for a certain number of hps without killing them. We prefer that mpmadd currhp's is used rather than this. It does not take hit locations into account.
mpdamage $n 100
This will damage the PC for 100 hitpoints.
mpdegrade This changes the condition of equipment of the specified material type.
mpdegrade $n 17 -1
The 17 refers to the material type.
Refer to the objects lesson on material types for the bit number of each material type.
You must use the bit vector number and not the word in this situation.
The -1 degrades the object by 1.
mpdeposit This deposits some gold into the current area's ecomomy. You would use it in situations like when you use bribe progs for boat trips etc, put that money back into the economy.
mpdeposit 1000
mpdrain This does the opposite of mprestore. If an amount is not specified it will take the target down to 1 hp/mana/stamina and mentalstate to -99. It does not take into account hit locations and is better handled with mpmadd and mpmset percenthp.
mpdrain $n
mpdream It echos to a sleeping target only.
mpdream $n You dream about ghosts and trolls.
mpecho This echoes to the room only.
mpecho The young elf grimaces in pain before doubling over.
mpechoaround This echoes to everyone in the room except for the target. It is often used in conjunction with mpechoat.
mpechoaround $n The ghoul glares at $n.
mpechoatThis echoes only a specified target.
mpechoat $n The ghoul glares at you.
mpfavor This raises a players favour by the amount given.
mpfavor 100
Favour ranges from -1000 to 1000.
mpforce This forces a mobile or a PC to perform an action.
mpforce $n dance
This forces the PC to dance.
mpgive This command gives an object to a PC or a mobile. It is better than give as it does not worry about if they PC can hold the object or not based on encumberance etc. There is no echo with mpgive so echos if needed will have to be made using mpechoat and mpechoaround.
mpgive knife $n
mpgive i12004 $n
mpgoto Sends the mobile to a given location.
mpgoto 8030
This will send the mobile to room 8030.
mpgoto 3
Going to room vnum 3 will purge the mob from the game.
mpgoto 99
Room 99 is a waiting room for mobiles to sit in while they are not being used. For instance mobiles that go home for the night would go to 99.
mphireemployee This command is used by the dwellings system to allow PC's to hire NPC's to work at their dwellings. Do not use it for normal areas.
mphireemployee $n
mpinfect This will infect the target with disease.
mpinfect $n
mpinvis This sets the mobiles invis level or allows them to go wizinvis. This means they will not be viewable by PC's under a certain level.
This command without argument will send the mobile wizinvis to a default level of 53 meaning that only immortals can only see this mobile now.
mpinvis 60
This command will make the mobile invisable to all PCs and IMMs below level 60.
mpjunk This will remove an object from the game.
mpjunk $o
This will junk the given object and is used on the object itself to be junked.
mpjunk i12004
This will junk a given object name (i12004 could also be knife or whatever other names the object has). It is best to use the vnum unless you do not care which vnum of items with the same name you are junking.
mpjunk i12004 $n
This will junk a given object name (i12004 could also be knife or whatever other names it has) on a specific target (namely the PC).
mpjunk all
This will junk all items in inventory of the mobile.
mpjunk all.iQQ00 $n
This will junk all items of that vnum in the inventory of the PC.
mpjunk all.iQQ00
This will junk all items of that vnum in the inventory of the mobile.
mpkill This force the mobile to attack a given target. You can specify which rank in the group formation will be attacked.
mpkill $n
mpkill $r middle
If there is a character in the middle rank of the group, it will attack them first.
mpkilllist This modifies a PCs kill list.
arguments: add(add mob to list), clear(clears list), remove(removes mob from list)
mpkilllist add $n
mpkilllist clear $n
mpkilllist remove $n
mplag This command does not work and impossible to code according to the coders.
mplog This will record something to the log file and also echo to any immortals in the game at the time. See the Logging Events list for a list of events we want logged.
mplog EVENT: $n has entered Elminster's Tower.
This tells the immortals on at the time that someone is in the tower and if at all possible Elminster will be loaded for roleplay.
mpmadd This command will add to a given field on a PC or mobile.
mpmadd victim field amount
See the lesson on mpmadd for more information on things that can be mpmadded.
mpmakecash This will enable the mobile/object to make coins. It cannot make coins onto a PC.
mpmakecash 10 platinum
This will make 10 platinum coins.
mpmakecash 5 gold
This will make 5 gold coins.
mpmload This loads up a given mobile into that room.
mpmload 8023
This loads up mobile vnum 8023 into the room.
mpmset This command will set given fields on a PC or a mobile.
mpmset victim field amount
See the lesson on mpmset for more information on what things can be mpmset.
mpnothing This does nothing and is used for scripts. Do not use without very good reason.
mpoadd This command will add to a given field on an object.
mpoadd object field amount
See the lesson on mposet for more information on things that can be mpoadded.
mpoload This will load up a specified object. The level of the object can be specifed providing the level required is not higher than the level of the mobile doing the loading. If the level is not required to be specified then the field would be left off.
mpoload 12004 5
This will load up the specified object to level 5.
mpopenpassage This opens an EX_PASSAGE exit.
mpopenpassage roomvnum exitdirection
mposet This command will set a given field on an object.
mposet object field amount
See the lesson on mposet for more information on things that can be mposet.
mppeace This will stop a fight. It should stop agressive mobiles as well because it forces them to sit.
mppkset This command is never to be used. It makes the PC apply to be able to pkill. It is only used in the character creation process.
mppkset $n
mppractice This command practices a given skill. This is used to give skill levels in trades etc. Please get permission from the area admins before using this comand.
mppractice $n skill-level skill
Skill level is between 1 and 25.
mppunish This command deducts experience from the PC.
mppunish $n
mppunish $n some
mppunish $n lots
mppurge This will purge a given item, mobile or room. The difference between mppurge and mpjunk is that mppurge looks in the room and gets rid of mobiles as well as object. Mpjunk is mainly used for getting rid of objects on a mobile or PC.
Without argument like this it will purge everything in the room. It does not purge anything in the players inventory. It does not purge itself either.
mppurge m8023
This will purge the mobile of the vnum 8023 which is a Waterdeep Soldier. The word soldier could have been used in this case or any other key words that the mobile has. The use of m8023 means there is little chance for confusion.
mppurge i12004 $n
This will purge the object i12004 on the target $n. It is best to use the iVNUM in this case. If other key words like knife is used then it may cause the wrong object to purge.
mpquiet This when turned on makes a mobile ACT_SECRETIVE so that any actions performed by this mobile are not echoed. When turned off the flag is removed.
mpquiet on
mpquiet off
mpregoto This will send the mobile back to the vnum from where they did a mpgoto from. For instance mobiles in room 99 would often use mpregoto to go back to the room they were in before they went home for the night.
mpresize This will resize given object to the size of the being on the RHS. For instance, if you have a quest item made especially for the PC, you can have it made to their size.
mpresize iVNUM $n
mprestore Full restore of mana/hps/move and mentalstate. If you specify it will do just the one. This command is to be used sparingly. This can also be handled by mpmadd and mpmset percenthp.
mprestore $n hit
Restores all of the targets hit points.
mprestore $n mana
Restores all of the targets mana points.
mprestore $n move
Restores all of the targets stamina points.
mprestore $n mentalstate
Sets the targets mentalstate back to 0.
mpreward This command gives experience from the PC.
mpreward $n
mpreward $n some
mpreward $n lots
mprset This command edits room fields.
flag(sets bit), flags(toggles bit), sector
mprset sector 13
mprset flags 2
mpsetclan This command will join the PC into a guild or a clan.
mpsetclan $n Illusionists
mpsetfeat This command will give the PC the specified feat.
mpsetfeat $n 'blind-fight' 1
The 1 is how high the level of the feat is, if the feat has more than one level. If only one level of feat then just use the 1.
mpsetheight This will set the height of the PC. It is only used in character creation.
mpsetheight $n tall
This takes a range within the tall range of that height for the PC's race. Short can also be set. If the command does not specify a height then it sets the height within the average range. This is only used in the character generation process.
mpsetsong This command will allow a PC to know the specified bardsong.
mpsetsong $n 'song of heroism' 4
The number is the number of lines that the PC is to know of the song.
mpsettrap This command sets up a trap on a room exit or on an object.
mpsettrap <obj|exit> <type> <reloads> <trigger>
mpsetweight This will set the weight of the PC. This is only used in the character creation process.
mpsetweight $n thin
This works as for mpsetheight. You can also set fat.
mpslay This makes the object or mobile slay a given target whether it be a mobile or a PC.
mpslay $n
mptakecash This will take a specified amount of gold from the specified target. The value is in copper. It doesn't matter if the PC has other currency in inventory, the code will take the equivalent in copper and give back change. The PC must have the money in inventory, not in a container for it to work.
mptakecash $n 100
This will take the equivalent of 100 copper from the PC.
mptakecash $n 100 [haggle]
If you add haggle after the command it will haggle and echo what the cost was haggled down to.
mptakecashroom This will take a specified amount of gold from the room. The value is in copper. It doesn't matter if the room has other currency in the floor, the code will take the equivalent in copper and give back change. The coins must be outside of containers etc for this to work.
mptakecashroom 100
This will take the equivalent of 100 copper from the room.
mptakecashroom 100 [container]
If you add container to the command it will check containers for the cash.
mptrain This command will train a statistic without costing gold. It still requires a stat point. This command should be used rarely if at all.
mptrain $n wisdom
This will raise the PC 1 wisdom.
mptransfer This will transfer the target to a given location.
mptransfer $n 8030
This will transfer the PC to that room vnum. It will also transfer the PC's pet.
mptransfer all 8030
This will transfer all in the room to that room vnum.
mptransfer $n 8030 pet
This will transfer the PC and pet to that room vnum.
mpunintercept This command is used to break an intercept prog to make the command that it is intercepting acting as normal from that point on.
mpwalkto This command will make a mobile walk to a given vnum following the best path that they can find. Mobiles cannot go through locked doors when using mpwalkto.
mpwalkto 8030
Specify the vnum of the room to walk to.
mpwithdraw This withdraws money from the economy of the area. The value is in copper. If you do mpmakecash to give coins to a player as part of a quest you should take that amount from the economy.
mpwithdraw 1000