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Skills listing

Below is a list of all the available skills in alphabetical order. Next to each skill in () are two stats. The first stat is the main one that affects the success of the skill, and the second affects the skill but not as much as the first.

You can find out what guilds can learn what spells by typing showguild guildname on the testport. Or there is an up to date listing in the guilds section of the web site.

aid                    (Wis,Lck)   animal empathy         (Cha,Wis)   backstab               (Dex,Lck)
bash                   (Str,Lck)   bite                   (Lck,Lck)   brew                   (Int,Lck)
circle stab            (Dex,Lck)   claw                   (Lck,Lck)   climb                  (Dex,Str)
companion              (Wis,Lck)   concentration          (Int,Wis)   cook                   (Wis,Int)
detrap                 (Dex,Lck)   dig                    (Str,Lck)   dirtkick               (Dex,Lck)
disarm                 (Dex,Str)   discern                (Wis,Lck)   disguise               (Lck,Lck)
dodge                  (Dex,Lck)   doorbash               (Str,Lck)   dual backstab          (Str,Dex)
dual wield             (Dex,Lck)   enhanced damage        (Str,Dex)   feed                   (Lck,Lck)
fifth attack           (Dex,Str)   fourth attack          (Dex,Str)   gouge                  (Str,Dex)
grip                   (Dex,Str)   haggle                 (Cha,Wis)   handle animal          (Cha,Wis)
hide                   (Dex,Lck)   hitall                 (Str,Dex)   ignite                 (Wis,Int)
influence              (Cha,Lck)   kick                   (Str,Dex)   layonhands             (Wis,Lck)
limber                 (Lck,Lck)   listen                 (Int,Con)   meditate               (Int,Wis)
mount                  (Dex,Wis)   parry                  (Dex,Str)   pathfinding            (Wis,Con)
peek                   (Dex,Lck)   pick lock              (Dex,Lck)   poison weapon          (Dex,Lck)
punch                  (Str,Dex)   rage                   (Con,Lck)   rescue                 (Con,Lck)
riposte                (Dex,Str)   sap                    (Str,Dex)   scribe                 (Int,Dex)
search                 (Int,Lck)   second attack          (Str,Dex)   second dodge           (Dex,Lck)
second parry           (Str,Dex)   shapechange            (Wis,Con)   sing                   (Cha,Lck)
slice                  (Wis,Dex)   sneak                  (Dex,Lck)   spellcraft             (Int,Wis)
steal                  (Dex,Lck)   sting                  (Lck,Lck)   stun                   (Str,Dex)
swim                   (Con,Str)   tail                   (Lck,Lck)   third attack           (Dex,Str)
third dodge            (Dex,Lck)   third parry            (Str,Dex)   track                  (Wis,Lck)
trip                   (Str,Dex)   use magic device       (Int,Wis)