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Guilds in areas

Guilds for the purpose of this page are the ones PC's join to give them new skills and develop the character further. This includes rangers, fighters, thieves, bards, etc and the various wizard schools of magic. Your area can have a branch of any of these guilds providing it is appropriate for the area. In recent times, we have been getting long term roleplayed high level characters to make a guild as part of their roleplay. The player of the character either designs or builds the area. These are areas in their own right, that hang off existing areas.

We are trying to avoid putting any more guilds in Waterdeep, in an effort decentralise the system. If you are interested in building a guild, ASK FIRST as with any other area. At this point we are not just considering the builder, but also the character behind the roleplay of the guild. We expect a joining quest in a guild, and also quests to learn one or two of the higher level spells/skills available to that guild. Equipment can be for sale in the guild, and trainers of SOME of the skills/spells/feats. No guild should be a one stop shop for all skills.

The forum for areas that need builders, lists some of the guilds we are wanting to see built right now.