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Mobile affect flags

Affect flags define more attributes of the mobile like the spells that affect them.

AFF_BLIND Mobile is affected by blindness
AFF_INVIS Mobile is invisible
AFF_DETECT_EVIL Mobile can detect evil
AFF_DETECT_INVIS Mobile can detect magic
AFF_DETECT_MAGIC Mobile can detect magic
AFF_DETECT_HIDDEN Mobile can detect hidden creatures
AFF_DETECT_BURIED Mobile can detect buried
AFF_SANCTUARY Mobile is protected by sanctuary
AFF_FAERIE_FIRE Mobile is affected by faerie fire
AFF_INFRARED Mobile has infravision
AFF_CURSE Mobile is cursed
AFF_POISON Mobile is poisoned
AFF_PROTECT Mobile is protected by protection
AFF_PARALYSIS Mobile is paralyzed
AFF_SNEAK Mobile is sneaking
AFF_HIDE Mobile is hiding
AFF_SLEEP Mobile is affected by sleep spell
AFF_CHARM Mobile is charmed
AFF_FLYING Mobile is is flying
AFF_PASS_DOOR Mobile can pass door
AFF_FLOATING Mobile is floating
AFF_TRUE_SIGHT Mobile is affected by truesight
AFF_FIRESHIELD Mobile is affected by fireshield
AFF_SHOCKSHIELD Mobile is affected by shockshield
AFF_ICESHIELD Mobile is affected by iceshield
AFF_BERSERK Mobile is berserk when fighting
AFF_WATER_BREATHING Mobile is affected by water breathing
AFF_GUARDIAN Mobile wakes you if someone walks in while you sleep