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Guild and temple storerooms

First, before even doing any of this, make sure it is OK with the area administrators. There can only be ONE storeroom per guild. Clerics of each faith are considered a guild in the hard code. The storerooms will be placed in what is considered to be the main branch or temple of the guild/faith.

Members of the guild can use the donate command to donate items to the storeroom. If the PC is of hero level they do not have to be in the room to donate, they have the magical ability to donate from a distance.

A builder does not do anything more than make the room in the area for a donation room, the rest must be done by an area administrator in the game, editing the guild file settings. It is suggested that you place the room in a place where only guild members can easily get to it. It should be possible for determined characters to steal from it, but not easy. This means put protections in place that are not impossible to over come.