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Mobile alignment

You must use the numeric value in the Mobile Code.

Lawful Good 1000 775 to 1000
Neutral Good 650 550 to 774
Chaotic Good 450 325 to 549
Lawful Neutral 200 100 to 324
True Neutral 0 -99 to 99
Chaotic Neutral -200 -324 to -100
Lawful Evil -450 -549 to -325
Neutral Evil -650 -774 to -550
Chaotic Evil -1000 -1000 to -775

Older characters that were created in the first year of mud operation, will not have the exact numbers from the first coloum. This is because when the game first started, actions affected actual alignment. Later on we created a hidden alignment, and chosen alignment was not changed by coded events. It now requires an immortal to decide if a character is not acting their alignment by looking at the hidden alignments. However, those older characters will be within the range for their alignments, and if you check the exact number, you may exclude these older characters from the if check. Many of these older characters are still being played.

When checking for a PC's alignment you have several options available to you. You can use the if align($n) == 0 check or you can use the if isgood($n) checks. There is more information about this in the lessons on if checks.