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Bardsong trainers

Bardsong is a skill that only bards can use. When they use the sing command they can elect to sing a specific song that will have affects on the bard and possibly the bard's party. Bardsong can only be learned via quests. The quest should only be directed at bards. If you wish to put a quest in your area to teach a bardsong, you will need to get approval from the area administrators first. The command to put in the quest programming to teach bardsong to the PC is as follows:

mpsetsong $n 'songname' #

  • mpsetsong - This is the command to teach the bardsong to the PC.
  • $n - This is the target. In general it should always be $n.
  • 'songname' - This is the name of the song being taught.
  • # - This is the number of lines of the song that the PC is being taught. In general teach one verse at a time. Verses are generally 4 lines in length. So to teach the first verse this number would be 4, to teach the second this number would be 8.

Bard characters are encourage to write bardsongs. If they are interested they should email the publications team. For a list of current bardsongs available see here.

Make sure to add the following mplogs

  • mplog QUESTCOMPLETE: $n has learned the first verse of Song of Bardsongname.
  • mplog BARDSONG: $n has learned the first verse of Song of Bardsongname.