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Simple mobiles

A simple mobile will likely be the type of mobile you make the most. You only set some of the things possible to be set on a mobile, and the rest is drawn from the mobiles race file. Their coins are worked out from their race file as well, so you do not need to give them any in resets.

smelly dwarf short~
{30}a short smelly dwarf~
{30}A short smelly dwarf is drinking an ale here.~
{30}He is very short for a dwarf with dark hair and a dark beard.  He has a
stubby nose and beady eyes.  His hands are large and calloused from
many hours of work at the forge.  He is of a very sturdy build with arms
and legs like small tree trunks. He is dressed in mithril chainmail.

As you can see there is only one line of code (apart from the descriptions) for Simple Mobiles. Here is what each signifies:

S - Denotes to the game that this mob is a Simple Mob.

25 - This is the level of the mobile. With simple mobs if this level is outside the level min/max set in the race file then your mobile will be set up or down in level accordingly. For instance goblins are set to be from level 1 to 10, and if this mobile was a goblin the level 25 would be over-ruled by the game and brought down to level 10. We have done this to set standards in levels of mobs in the game. We do not want to see level 1 dragons and level 50 goblins. Maximum mobile level is 50. We want to keep things realistic. If you have a builder character you can do showrace on the race in question to check the level ranges we have set up for it. If not, you can always ask on the builders forum.

CLASS_WARRIOR - This denotes the class of the mobile. This helps determine what sort of attacks the mobile makes in combat. Please refer to the lesson on Mobile Classes.

RACE_DWARF - This is the race of the mobile. Now this list is often being added to as builders request new races. The best way to see a current list is to do showrace with your immortal character on the builders port. There is a listing of current races but it is only as current as the date stamped on the bottom of the page. There may have been new races made since this lesson.

SEX_MALE - There are only three choices of sex. SEX_MALE, SEX_FEMALE and SEX_NEUTRAL.

POS_STANDING - This is the default position that the mobile is in. The common one would be standing. Refer to the Postions listing for the full list of positions. Often it is best to use POS_STANDING even when a mobile is said to be sleeping or resting. This is because programs will still trigger when the mobile is standing, and you can set the long description to however you like, where as other positions override your long description.

DEITY_NONE - A common deity for a dwarf would be Moradin. However, do not put deities on leveling mobiles. This would mean someone could max out their favour too easily. For a full list of deity flags refer to the mobile deity listings.

ACT_SENTINEL|ACT_CITIZEN - These are the flags that denote what the mobile acts like. There can be more than one of these flags seperated by the | (pipe). Note that any mobiles that are something that a lawful character would not kill they should be flagged ACT_CITIZEN. For a list of all the act flags and what they mean refer to the ACT flags listing.

LANG_COMMON|LANG_DWARVEN - This is the languages that the mobile SPEAKS. This is what he UNDERSTANDS. This is very important in questing mobiles and shop keepers. Mobiles can know more than one language. They need to be seperate by the | character. Refer to here for a list of languages.

LANG_COMMON|LANG_DWARVEN - This second line is the languages that the mobile is SPEAKING. If you use sayto $n in your mobile progs it will determine what language the PC is speaking and then speak in that language IF it knows it. If you just use say on its own in mobile progs it will speak the first language in its list reguardless of whether the PC knows it or not.