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Mobile act flags

Act flags define how the mobile acts. How they act while fighting and act in the way they go about their business of being a mobile. There are more flags than are listed here, but these are the only ones you will use as a builder.

ACT_SENTINEL The mobile stays in one room
ACT_SCAVENGER The mobile picks up objects on the ground
ACT_IS_HEALER Mobile is a healer using the "heal" command
ACT_AGGRESSIVE The mobile attacks PC's when they enter the room the mob is in
ACT_STAY_AREA The mobile will not leave the area it has been loaded into. If this is not set the mobile can wander into other areas unless stopped by a nomob flag on a room or an exit.
ACT_WIMPY The mobile flees when hurt. Many pets and mounts will be flagged with this, unless they are bred for war. In addition mobiles with this flag, will submit to the demand command.
ACT_PET For mobiles that are to be pets and animals that can be claimed. Do not use on horses or anything that should be considered a mount.
ACT_UNDEAD For undead mobiles. Make sure to use this on undead mobs as it is used by the favour system.
ACT_NOSHOVE Mobile cannot be shoved. This is important for mobiles who should always be found in a certain spot.
ACT_NOFIGHT Mobile will not fight back. Part of the killmode code.
ACT_BANK Mobile is a banker
ACT_NOWANDER Doesn't wander outside the sector type it is loaded in
ACT_MOUNTABLE The mobile can be mounted.
ACT_SECRETIVE The mobile's actions are not seen.
ACT_CITIZEN Mobile is a citizen and affects a character's lawful status if killed. This is also used in the games justice system.
ACT_MOBINVIS Mobile's cannot be seen by mortals even with detect invis. It is like an immortals wizinvis. Can only be seen by immortals.
ACT_NOASSIST Does not assist other mobiles or characters in battle.
ACT_REQUEST The armour that the mobile wears can be requested by good aligned with the request command. Do not use on shop-keepers.
ACT_NOCORPSE The mobile drops no corpse on death. Ideal for dummies.