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Simple or unique mobiles?

There are two choices that a builder has when making a mobile. He/she can choose simple or unique. Simple mobiles have less information and draw alot of their settings from their race. Each race has a special file of settings in the game. It determines things like hit points, number of limbs, what sorts of affects that they might have, what sectors they can move into and so on. When you have earned an immortal character on the testport you can type showrace to get a list of the available races in the game. If you want to see more information on that race you would type showrace racename (i.e. showrace elf).

An unique mobile allows you to set more of your mobiles characteristics. The mobile no longer draws from the race file for most of its information. It will only draw information that is not set in either simple or unique mobiles by the builder. If you make a mobile unique you will also have to give the mobile coins in resets. See the lesson about that in the resets lessons section. DO NOT give coins to a simple mob in resets. The game determines the coinage based on race. You will also need to give the mobile the special affects and things that the mobile has naturally because of its race, for instance, a unique drow mobile will need to have the infravision affect set. Unless, you do not want the drow to have this ability for some reason. It might be one of the reasons why you have chosen to make the mobile unique.

Most mobs that you make will be simple mobs, a unique mob is only needed when you need to set something like the mobiles alignment and resistances.