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Extra room descriptions

Extra descriptions can be put in for keywords in your normal room description. For instance you might have written something about markings on the wall in your normal description which would indicate that if a player typed look markings or look wall they would get additional information. Extra descriptions give your area more depth, and make it far more interesting for players. Extra descriptions are ideal to use in quests where you want the character to really take notice of their surroundings when working out what to do next in the quest. A room can have more than one extra description, but each extra description needs to have different keywords. A sample room follows.

Waterdeep Dungeon~
{80}In the corner is a pile of straw for you to sleep on.  It is none too
clean and it looks to be rather damp.  There is no windows and you are
somewhat below sea level as the walls are very damp.  You see some
intriguing scratchings on the wall.
iron door~
scratch scratchings~
Darrak was here first!

In the room above when the player looks at the scratchings on the wall they will see etched into the wall the words "Darrak was here fist!".

As you can see you put the extra description information after the room exits. The E indicates to the game that to follow is an extra room description. The next line lists the keywords that a player can type to look at. Note that shortening the keyword will not work, (ie to mark) they must type in the full word. So if you want to be kind to players you would put in the words scratch and scratchings into the keywords. Make sure you end the keywords with a tilda ~.

After the keywords put in the actual text that the player will see on typing look markings. Make sure you end the description with a tilda ~.